A Key piece in the success of Ficohsa Bank


Camilo Atala Faraj, as president of the Ficohsa Financial Group, has been a key piece to turn Ficohsa Bank into the biggest one in Honduras, with more than 20 years of experience in and an A+ rate risk issued by Fitch Ratings. The main strategy applied that has determined his success is knowing the market and his clients.

For Camilo Atala the trust in his collaborators is part of the tactic, as human resource represents his main growth potential.

Camilo Atala Faraj: Every success requires an open mind.

As an experienced businessman he knows that every success requires an open mind and to look to the future, as Central America is updating its economy, thinking differently and knowing the region will increasingly internationalize will add strength to face the external challenges.

Atala Faraj projects Ficohsa Bank inside the financial leader’s group in Central America and the Caribbean, with presence in the Hispanic USA market. “We want to be the partners of the main banks in Europe, at the same time be the reliable partners and responsible of Asia’s big nations’ banks.

He emphasized that it is precise to count with a coherent, responsible fiscal policy, that the state gets the resources of all to be destined to improve the entire population.

Formation of “clusters” will be vital for regional actors to appear.

He knows that there’s still a long way to go, because the business world has not discovered and seized all existing opportunities.

The businessman indicated that the formation of “clusters” will be vital for regional actors to appear, because the level of production of business is currently insufficient to turn into regional actors.