Ficohsa Bank

Ficohsa Bank began operations the 18th of July of 1994 simultaneously in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, since that moment, thanks to the work and effort of all its personnel got positioned into a national banking system.

By the initiative of the entrepreneurial businessmen and visionaries group, in the year 1991 the Financial Commercial Honduran S.A. was created, which was born as an alternative to the Honduran financial intermediation.

The will of these partners to keep investing opened a path to the birth of Honduran Commercial Financial Bank (Ficohsa Bank), strengthening itself on a very competitive level.

Ficohsa Bank has a formal integrated organizational structure to a national level.

Currently, Ficohsa Bank has a great staff with great professional training and with a formal integrated organizational structure on a national level.

Thanks to this level of inner organization the objectives of growth that the administration set for itself to its operating have successfully been achieved.

Ficohsa Bank occupies an excellent position in the national banking system and has a network of more than 50 agencies in the country, likewise, has a network of more than 300 ATMs.